Space Cloud Motivation

Making enterprise-scale apps at the speed of prototyping is still a distant dream for many of us. Many brilliant ideas never see the day of light because their implementation comes at the cost of time or money.

Starting an app from scratch is very time-consuming. Securing and scaling your app is a different ball game altogether. Even a simple chat app becomes complicated at scale.

Well, there are some excellent tools out there which help simplify app development like Google Firebase, Meteor, etc. But these tools come with their own set of problems:

Vendor lock-inslink

These tools either force you to use their own cloud (e.g., Firebase - Google Cloud) or their proprietary stack. Such tools become expensive at scale, and it is difficult to migrate later.


Most of the RAD tools that are open source, however, only work with a particular database (e.g., Meteor - MongoDB). The next-gen apps, on the other hand, always require multiple task-specific databases.


Some open-source tools are good at one particular thing (e.g., Prisma - Database layer). However, they only solve one particular problem well, which means that you still have to code for the remaining problems and also integrate bunch of other tools.

Our motivationlink

We believe that if you have got an idea, then you should be able to space it up! Your ideas should hit the market soon.

However, agility should not come at the cost of flexibility. You should always be in complete control. Technology should adapt to your needs and not the other way around. You should be able to choose any database, cloud vendor or technology of your preference.

Space Cloud was born to solve precisely these problems.

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