Deploying Custom Code with Space Cloud

The Deployments Module automatically deploys and scales your microservices on any Kubernetes cluster. It has first-class support of Istio; hence all your services enjoy the benefit of using a Service Mesh. All you need to do it provide a docker image and that’s it.

Follow the Space Cloud Basic guide for step-by-step instructions to get started with the Deployments Module!

In a nutshell, the deployments module lets you:

  • Deploy docker images to Kubernetes.
  • Fully encrypt all internal traffic by default for enhanced security.
  • PKI authentication for all services to prevent rogue services from accessing internal APIs.
  • AutoScale HTTP workloads even down to zero!
  • Define service to service communication policy for easy compliance with regulations.
  • Ability to manage your microservice lifecycle for easy adoption of DevOps best practices like GitOps.

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