Filtering Events

Need for filtering eventslink

Many times, we might want to capture the events conditionally.

For example, let’s say we want to send an email to our users whenever their orders are delivered.

Let’s assume we have an orders table which has a field called status. The status field of the order would keep updating at various stages like packing, shipping, delivery, etc.

However, we only want to send the email when the status becomes delivered. Now instead of handling this logic inside our email service, we can configure Space Cloud to trigger the webhook only when status field is delivered.

How it workslink

To filter events, you need to specify the filtering rules at an event trigger level. These filtering rules are the same as security rules in Space Cloud.

While capturing an event for an event trigger, Space Cloud checks whether filtering rules are configured for that event trigger. If you have configured filtering rules for an event trigger, then the event is captured, only if the filtering rules for that event trigger evaluates to true.

Taking our previous example, here’s a sample filtering rule to capture an event only if the status field in the orders table is marked as delivered:

  "rule": "match",
  "type": string,
  "eval": "==",
  "f1": "",
  "f2": "delivered"

The variable holds the data of the event payload.

Configuring filtering rules for an event triggerlink

Head over to the Overview tab of the Eventing section in Mission Control:

Event Triggers

Click the Filtering Rules button beside the required event trigger to open the security rule builder.

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