The database module is responsible for creating Instant, GraphQL APIs for all supported databases. It also supports a subscriptions feature which lets you listen on database changes in realtime.

Space Cloud also allows you to execute native prepared queries directly as an escape hatch in edge cases.

Currently the database module supports the following databases ❤ :

  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL compatible databases (For eg. CockroachDB, Yugabyte etc.)
  • MySQL and MySQL compatible databases (For eg. TiDB)
  • SQL Server

Although the database module of Space Cloud is schemaless, it lets you optionally provide a schema via Mission Control for these added benefits:

  • Data validation before making mutations to the database.
  • Creation/modification of tables in SQL databases.

Next Steps:link

We recommend starting with the data modelling guide to learn how you can create / edit tables, indexes and relations in Space Cloud in a declarative manner

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