Create folder

You can easily allow users to create a folder via the File Management module of Space Cloud by calling createFolder on frontend. Here’s a code snippet to do so:

import { API } from "space-api";

// Initialize api with the project name and url of the space cloud
const api = new API("todo_app", "http://localhost:4122");

// Create a folder
api.FileStore().createFolder("/some-path", "some-folder")
  .then(res => {
    if (res.status === 200) {
      // Folder created successfully
    // Error creating folder
  .catch(ex => {
    // Exception occured while processing request

The createFolder function takes two parameters and creates a folder. The two parameters are as follows:

  • path: The path at which to create the folder.
  • name: The name of the folder.

The path can be nested as well. For example, a path - /folder1/folder2 would mean to create the folder inside folder2 which is in folder1. If any of the folders mentioned in the path were not present, they would get created before creating the specified folder.


A response object sent by the server contains the status fields explained below:

status: Number describing the status of the upload operation. Following values are possible:

  • 200 - Successful creation of folder
  • 401 - Request was unauthenticated
  • 403 - Request was unauthorized
  • 500 - Internal server error

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