Services in Depth

At the core of the Deployments Module is the Service Configuration commonly called services.

You can think of services as an equivalent of Pods in Kubernetes.

Space Cloud only supports running stateless services as of now.

Each service describes the following:

Service Idlink

Each service requires an id. These ids need to be unique inside a project. Services can be accessed internally using the domain name Space Cloud generates from this service id.

The format for the domains goes as: <service-id>.<project-id>.svc.cluster.local.

For example, if you create a service by the id myapp inside the project myproject, the domain generated would read as myapp.myproject.svc.cluster.local.

Note: This is true for the docker driver as well.


A service is composed of one or more tasks. You can see each task as an equivalent of Containers in each Pod.

Currently, Mission Control lets you create a single task in each service. For creating multiple tasks per service, use the space-cli.

There are several cases when you would need to club several tasks together into one service.

  • A logging task which collects and delivers all service logs
  • A proxy task to intercept network traffic as in case of a service mesh
  • A config management tasks which hot reloads the configuration of other tasks (like Nginx).

Space Cloud automatically injects an istio-proxy and metrics-proxy when using the Kubernetes driver.

You specify the following for each task.

  • The ports exposed by the task (e.g. 8080).
  • The docker image and the registry credentials (if private).
  • The resources (CPU and Ram) to be allocated to this task.
  • The scaling configuration (e.g. max and min scale and concurrency).
  • The secrets and environment variables used by the task.


Space Cloud makes you explicitly define the upstream services your service depends on. All upstream services in the project are accessible by default.


Whitelists are a way to describe service to service communication policies. As the name implies, it restricts downstream services from accessing the current service.

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