Service Roles

Service roles are used to grant access to Kubernetes resources (e.g. pods, configmaps, etc.) to your services.

Configuring service roleslink

Head over to the Roles tab in the Deployments section in Mission Control:

Service Roles

Click on the Add button to open the following page:

Add Service Role

Enter the following details:

Role name

Role name is a unique name to identify why you are creating a particular service role.

Role type

Role type can have one of the two values:

  • Project: If you want to limit the access for granted resources within a particular namespace of Kubernetes.
  • Cluster: If you want to provide cluster-wide access to the granted resources.

Project ID

The project ID is applicable if you selected Role type as Project. The project ID should be the Kubernetes namespace to which you want to restrict the access.

Service ID

Service ID is the service to which you want to grant access.


Rules describe access to particular Kubernetes resources.

Click on the Add rule Button to open the following modal:

Add Service Role Rule

Enter the match expression rule of Kubernetes for service roles in JSON.

For example, a rule to grant read access for pods would look like this:

  "apiGroups": [""],
  "resources": ["pods"],
  "verbs": ["get", "watch", "list"]

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