Email Signup

You can easily allow users to create a new user on your app via email using the db.signUp function. Here’s a code snippet to do a basic email sign up:

import { API } from 'space-api';

// Initialize api with the project name and url of the space cloud
const api = new API('todo_app', 'http://localhost:4122');

// Initialize database(s) you intend to use
const db = api.DB("mydb");

// SignUp
db.signUp('', 'User1', '1234', 'default').then(res => {
  if (res.status === 200) {
    // Set the token id to enable operations of other modules
    // contains request payload
  // Request failed
}).catch(ex => {
  // Exception occured while processing request

As you would have noticed, the above function is asynchronous in nature. The signUp method takes 4 parameters and creates a new user with an auto generated unique id in the users collection / table. The 4 parameters used to create a new user are as follows:

  • email - Email of the user (Used to log in)
  • name - Name of the user
  • pass - Password of the user (Used to log in)
  • role - Role of the user (Comes handy in authorization to restrict a feature to specific set of users)


On getting the sign up request, space-cloud validates whether such an user exists already and then creates a new user. A response object sent by the server contains the status and data fields explained below.

status: Number describing the status of the operation. Following values are possible:

  • 200 - Operation was successful
  • 400 - User already exists
  • 401 - Request was unauthenticated
  • 403 - Request was unauthorized
  • 500 - Internal server error

data: The data object consists of the following fields:

  • token - The JWT token used for authentication and authorization
  • user - Object / document of the created user

Next stepslink

The next step would be fetching the profile of an user(s).

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